Digitalization of business models through platform-based value chain management

Moers, July 2017 - In spring of this year we published an article in the 112th issue of the German magazine „Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb“ (ZWF). In the following days we shall post some of the interesting content of the article.

Shorter – faster – more transparent – shorter life cycles and ever faster becoming changes influence the business processes in a new way. Customers expect faster business transactions, one-stop-shop solutions and transparency in the supply chain. This is way, a new form of connectivity between the customers and business partners of the value chain is necessary.

But how can companies overcome these obstacles?

Digitalization is the key word.

Only when companies are able to digitalize information about products, customers, processes and services as well as their overall business model, can they enable the new form of connectivity. Through these changes, a large amount of data is generated regarding the business and production processes, as well as about internal and external communication. However, the management and analysis of the data and its quality is highly important.

In the next few days we will present to you the digitalization of processes, as well as the significance of digital platforms and is importance for the value chain.

How have you adapted your business to the digital age?