Platform-based value chain management

Moers, September 2017 - IoT, Industry 4.0 or Logistics 4.0 – the digitalization of business processes has become indispensable today. However, a complex transformation is only manageable through a high level of management, data processing and evaluation. The most suitable solution for this: a cloud-based platform.

A cloud-based platform is permanently accessible and available, and enables an exchange of process data throughout the supply chain, as well as management of the value chain. Next to the consideration of data quality and security, a good data management is of high relevance. Furthermore, value added services can be integrated, like for example transactions and payments of contracts or the creation of invoices, monitoring and maintenance services. A platform also assist the operational business through support, hotlines, monitoring of processes for the quality management and as a method of communication.

For the digitalization of the entire value chain, also the logistic chain must be digitalized – also referred to as logistics 4.0. The result is a digital image of all objects within the logistics chain with according information, so that the physical world is connected with the digital world. Through this an identification of the surroundings through scan systems or radio-frequency identification chips (RFID-Chips) can be enabled, for example. Data is registered through the RFID-Chips and processed in the cloud platform. This way, Manufacturer, supplier and customers can communicate more simply through the cloud-based platform and make status requests.

A cloud platform additionally provides more accessible customer access and a simpler manner of communication. Furthermore, it changes its traditional distribution channels towards digital market places. With the standardization and digitalization of processes, the data collection can continuously be improved and made more efficient. In addition, the integration and the bond of the business partner enables higher creation of value.

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