Development of Smart Services

In order to strengthen the department of electrical waste (e-waste) a recycling company aimed for a deeper integration into the e-waste value chain. To achieve this goal a new business model was developed: a one-stop-shop solution.

Initial Situation

A world-leading manufacturer of high-quality copper and recycling of electronic waste (e-waste), perceived that a sustainable business development of the as well as its strengthening, combined with the expansion of the business field “electronic waste recycling” can only be achieved by a deeper integration along the whole value chain. To accomplish this goal, solutions and business models should have been developed, which allowed the manufacturer to offer so-called “one-stop-shopsolutions” in the field of electrical scrap recycling. This approach enables him to become the partner of choice for manufacturers of electrical and electronic products as well as the corresponding sales structures. i-tec Consulting, as a valued partner for companies developing innovative and smart business models, was commissioned to elaborate corresponding models including implementation solutions.



After a careful analysis of the market and its interactions with possible business models, i-tec‘s senior expert team developed an integrated electronic scrap recycling and trading platform solution, which allows the manufacturer to offer individual, customized service solutions. The core element of such a service solution is a platform for the integration of service providers covering the various stages of the electronic scrap value chain. This achievement enables our customer to offer integrated as well as partial solutions within the scope of vertical integration. Thus, this value proposition makes him to a global market leader in electronic waste recycling.



The major challenge in this project was to develop a new business model without affecting the existing good relationships and networks with suppliers. Therefore, at an early stage the contact was made to all stakeholders in order to integrate them into the solution. In our project, the focus was on the scalability and efficiency of the solution to further develop existing business models and to redesign them in the direction of „GREEN Fingerprint Solution“.

After a detailed analysis of the company‘s strengths, as well as the competitive advantage, technology, innovative power and development potential was prepared. The findings were mirrored with the characteristics of the competitors in order to determine the value of the current portfolio and the positioning within the value chain.

The following market and trend analysis was carried out in order to develop the current requirements of the target groups and to develop the business model in a forward- looking manner. The implementation of the new business model was supported by the application of CANVAS ,methodology and logics.

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