Optimization of a Global Service Network

The global service network has been optimized for a globally operating electronics company within a project period of 24 months. By an on-site audit and assessment process with 48 worldwide acting service partners significant savings have been identified and customized workflows were implemented.

Optimization of a Global Service Network – Leading Asian Electronics Company

Task In a globally active electronics company its global service network should be optimized as well as the service quality and performance should be increased. In addition, for potential savings the service processes should be examined by an E2E evaluation.

Approach As an indispensable prerequisite for a successful potential analysis, first the reporting data of the Service Center had to be retrieved automatically and by means of a customized benchmark tool they had to be brought into a comparable form of presentation. Based on the thus determined data, a data verification was carried out at 48 on-site audits and by value stream mapping the service processes were recorded and evaluated. On this basis tailor made scenarios of procedures, which took into account country-specific rules, were individually developed. With little change in the standard processes, thus significant savings could be demonstrated in simulations. The customized processes and procedures have been successfully implemented globally.

The decisive success factors in this project were:

  • the used methods  (quick-scan, potential analysis, value stream analysis)
  • the use of an auditor App creates transparency and convenience for customers
  • our long standing experience and expertise in the field of independent review of processes