Process flow Optimazation by Process Digitalization

Long-term service agreements and a stronger market presence was achieved by developing a new business branch. The processes developed were to be transformed into digitalization strategies without restricting the SCM and production processes.

Initial Situation

To strengthen its market position and to achieve a sustained business development by long-term service agreements, one of the world‘s major manufacturers of telecommunication equipment, decided to transform from pure product business to a solution provider.
As a success factor for this transformation a modern, homogeneous IT landscape has been identified. In addition to this a highly efficient service department was established to ensure high system availability for customers, the digitization of processes and the establishment of corresponding key figures.
i-tec Consulting as a valued partner for developing innovative business models and for establishing global service organizations, was commissioned to support a modern global service organization, to develop the necessary processes, to optimize existing processes and to implement digital process structures.



After having carefully analyzed the requirements and the existing structures by process modeling, the team of i-tec Consulting has developed an interface-optimized digitization model, which enables modern global service organization to handle its service processes entirely in a “cloud”.
The high level of process standardization that has been achieved thereby allows the service organization to handle its service activities faster and more efficiently, thereby offering its customers premium services that differ significantly from their competitors‘ services.
The step-by-step transformation of the service processes into the “cloud” allowed the global service organization to realize significant efficiency gains in the very first phase, so that the ROI was reached after only 9 months.



The major challenge in this project was to transform the new developed as well as the existing processes into the organizations digitization strategy without interfering the SCM and production processes too much and in order to ensure smooth production and material availability during the transformation phase. Therefore, all affected departments were involved in the project at a very early stage.
The focus of this project was on the scalability and efficiency of the solution to optimize global service activities by standardized “cloud processes”. This was done according to our 5-step approach.
After detailed analysis of the existing processes, the requirements of the service department as well as the departments R & D, SCM and production were taken up. By matching the digitization strategy with a gap analysis, the need for newly developed processes as well as for those processes to be modified was determined.
As a result, the to-be concept was created, the processes adapted and, if necessary, newly developed. For a fast and smooth implementation, various solutions were developed. Afterwards they were subjected to a “value benefit” analysis and regarding their profitability and feasibility evaluated by means of the created business case, including an integrated investment and resource analysis.
A master and project plan, milestones and the new project team were defined in order to prepare the solution implementation. The following realization was controlled by MTR (Milestone Trend Analysis) within the framework of project management and it was successfully completed by our team with the handover to the customer after the final phase.