11. Logistics Forum Mönchengladbach

i-tec consulting GmbH Under Discussion
Mönchengladbach, September 10, 2015 – The BVL Regional Meeting NRW was entitled Multi-, Cross- or Omni Channel Logistics.

In sportive environment in the stadium of Borussia Mönchengladbach, companies such as the Business Development Mönchengladbach, Zalando, Fiege and some more, met for the "home or away matc

The content of this meeting mainly focused on the question how more sales and growth can be generated by online trading. It was propagated that in the future the stationary trade should exist besides online trading. Regarding the theme “digitization” especially the raising awareness of the existing trade and the development of new service-oriented business models has been raised as a major challenge in the future.  Even today, many companies understand the provision of goods via Internet more as a threat than as an opportunity for more profit and growth.

In a panel discussion, the opportunities for information and support were discussed. In particular the possibilities for additional services arising from the Internet business have been highlighted. Especially mentioned should be, for example, "click & collect", order online and pick up in the shop, a way to bring customers back to the shops via Web.

Zalando presented further ideas, how customer requests concerning quick and more direct delivery could be better implemented in the future. It would be conceivable e.g. that the customer leaves multiple delivery addresses when ordering goods, so that he “will be found by the package” in the future, for example at the office or at friends.