Performance Management

Results in Conformity

Performance Management includes controlling and matching of customer requirements and operative results with business objectives. Here, the instrumental use of a control tower has proven its worth. Using clearly defined early warning indicators, the central tower enables the identification of risks and deviations at an early stage.

The consultants of i-tec Consulting GmbH are able to specifically define parameters according the business requirements and to apply them into each process. Their skills are utilized in the following areas upon Performance Management:

Thereby i-tec Consulting GmbH consistently relies on the advantages of modern information technology, such as the use of business intelligence solution, frontend visualization and the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies in der Supply Chain.

Company Total Care Index

As part of the Business Performance Management the „Company Health Index“ is a statistical value for the economic capacity of a company. Studies have shown that the companies with the healthiest index do have up to twice as high EBITDA margins as the average. Such knowledge should be made available to each enterprise. The index consists of a matrix with corresponding algorithms which allows to dermin the “CHI” of the company. Thus, conclusions can be drawn on possible improvements.