Supply Chain Strategy

Cross-Linking of Operational Processes and Data Flows

From market requirements and the business strategy of a company, a targeted supply chain strategy can be derived. It defines the value proposition, its design and implementation as well as the necessary IT infrastructure. Companies that have a successful supply chain management, differentiate themselves from competitors. They are able to offer better services at lower costs and they can ensure high availability of their goods.

As a holistic management concept and by a focused coordination of value-added processes, lean SCM aims to achieve sustainable advantages. In doing so, lean principles, organizational development and modern information technology are interlocked. The lean approach scrutinizes, while changing the existing structures.

A successful supply chain management aims to manage the existing or newly designed structures optimally. A suitable combination of both approaches result in a very powerful lever for EBIT improvement and profitable growth. In doing so, we take advantage of appropriate methods and tools to represent your processes and networks in real-time. Individual requirements and external conditions of the supply chain have to be taken into account. Only those, who are able to deeply penetrate the respective structures, will come to simple conclusions to achieve a significant increase in efficiency.

To achieve their objectives, i-tec Consulting GmbH relies on established and proven methods and standards, such as: